Your basic betting guide for football betting.

You heard about people make money simply bet on football matches, how they were doing that and can I do the same? The answer is yes. You may have read so many articles and web pages about betting strategies. Anyway here I am going to share some basic tips what I am following and very honestly some of them are little hard to follow.

Golden rule of football betting (or any other betting)

The money you're going to bet should always afford to lose if anything happens worse.

Rule #1

Assume you won one or two bets so you hike the stake on the next bet with a high level of confidence, or if you're losing couple of bets, then also you hike the stake to cover up your invested money. Please try to avoid these bookie's favorite situations after all bookies have the consistency than you when winning counts. So don't be too smart to beat the bookie.

Rule #2

Split your bank roll to units and bet limited units to every bet. Let us take this way you have a $100 bank roll, split that in to $10 * 10 units and bet only one unit per match, if you are so confident, then hike your stake to 1.5 or 2 units.

Rule #3

It is very important which league and matches you going to bet. My choice is English premier league and UEFA champions league, because I can watch, hear and read all about these leagues soon as things happen, and they have very extended television coverage also. Before you make the bet try to collect some latest news about the league, teams, managers, key player, injuries and even the match referees. As you bet more try to follow the league or your favorite team.

Rule #4

Why you make a bet on certain teams?
Is you are a fan of that team?
Is the bookie offered a high odd on that team?
Or you simply hate the other team!

Do some homework before you make a bet check the recent form of teams and the players check team home and away form, their position on the league table? The top 3 or 4 teams average winning percentage should be 70% - 80%, and the bottom five have the same draw or losing percentage. Start to keep a betting log of yours so you can easily find where to focus more.

Rule #5

Its doesn't make sense to me that an ex-bookie publishes “how to beat bookies, 100% winning football betting insider tips,” please be careful before you put your money to this kind of advices. You can use website like “” check my previews and records. You will get an idea about the teams and matches you going to make the bets.

After all nobody can predict 100% every single match playing the long season... even me but when I followed these simple steps, I minimized my loses and started to make profit.
It's worked for me hope it will do the same to you also.

Good luck.

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